Computer Blues

I have a lot of work to do, and really shouldn’t be writing posts about anything…but this is driving me crazy. I got a brand spankin’ new computer just 2 months ago…and my monitor stopped working this evening.  It was working fine.  I left for a few minutes, the system goes to sleep, and when it wakes up…no monitor.


So I checked all the connections. Then I unplugged everything, and plugged everything back in.


After I ran out of things to try by reading about it on the internet, I chatted with the help desk. This all sounds like jibberish, but I tried it all.


I imagine one of these two is who I was chatting with.


So after 4 hours of trying to fix the monitor, this is my solution. I printed out my model sheets on paper and taped them to my non-functioning monitor. I don’t know if this is ironic, or stupid or just plain sad.

I miss drawing on paper…

(As noted in the photo, my Cintiq tablet from Wacom continues to perform like a champ. Yay Wacom!)

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  1. Uncle Don & Denise

    We feel your pain, been there, don that! Sorry you have to go through this bull—-!
    Know there are people that can sympathize with you!