Avril Et Le Monde Truque Trailer Screen Shot

Three Animated Trailers To Watch – Avril Et Le Monde Truque, Cuphead and Maze Runner Promo

AVRIL ET LE MONDE TRUQUE – 2015 Trailer (French)

Here’s the first trailer for animated feature film “Avril et le Monda Truqué” by comic-book artist Jacques Tardi and JeSuisBienContent studio (Persepolis). Directed by Christian Desmares & Franck Ekinci. This looks amazing! Just like the comic book…


Cuphead Trailer E3 2015

This one is a preview trailer for a game called Cuphead with a fantastic Fleischer Studios feel to that made me go “Wow!”.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials | The Flare Virus Explained

And finally, it’s not a trailer so much as a teaser video that helps flesh out some of the world behind the Maze Runner movie/book series, but it is cool animation and it’s also from the Iowa-local studio Grasshorse Studios. A very fun, stylized animation to promote the movies.


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