The Meaning of OOP

The Meaning of OOP

So, I was working on this movie (which hasn’t come out yet, so I won’t talk about it) as a freelancer.  The script was a little different each week, so I would read the new version and look at the new artwork.  All of this was done by looking through folders on the computer.  There was one folder labeled Oop.  I was thinking,  “What kind of character name is that?”  I looked inside to see the development artwork of one of the main characters.  “Oop” had been stamped over all the images of this character, a sweet, nerdy looking teenage girl.  I thought, “Oop is a really weird name for that character…but I guess they’re going for quirky.”

I asked the director about it.  He laughed.

OOP = Out Of Picture

The character wasn’t in the movie anymore, so instead of removing all the images of her, they stamped “OOP” on all of them.


Anyways…here’s a few panels of mine that are OOP too…

1)  Pterodactyl from the Batman Brave and the Bold episode Four Star Spectacular.


2)  Jerry screaming…it’s kind of his thing…so it could be from ANY Tom and Jerry cartoon.  I happen to know this one is from Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz.


3)  This is a panel from Transformers Prime.  I believe that is Starscream on the right…


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