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Animation Basics: Thoughts on Walk Cycles

Let take a moment and talk a little bit about a basic piece of animation – the walk cycle. The Ups and Downs of Animating a Walk Cycle On one hand, walk cycles may seem boring… it may seem like a lot of work and a whole lot of steps (no pun intended) to get […]


Looking at Expressions in Animation from the Movie The Secret of Kells

To help with expressions… I love the movie The Secret of Kells for many reasons, but the animation is one of the the things that makes it a stand-out film. This is a link to a model sheet for a character in The Secret of Kells named Brendan. The movie has a very clean design and […]


Minions Movie Review!

I took my little minions to see Minions last night at Flix Brewhouse. They gave out little minion masks to everyone. The movie starts! (And I’m the jerk with his cell phone out…) Hey, that’s me! The rarely seen minion with eyes in the back of her head. The good news! Minions is a lot […]

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Des Moines, get ready to Make Comics!

‪#‎MakeComics‬! I’ll be teaching 5 one hour classes at 2 local libraries in the next week. All are free. I’m hoping to do something a little different in each class…so you may want to attend all of them? Each class is different because I take suggestions from the audience about what to draw. Clive Public […]


25 days until Minions!

I spent a lot of time on the computer today, so here are some good old fashioned pen and paper sketches. Stuart, Bob and Kevin from Minions. Before the plot for the Minion Movie, I just assumed Gru or Dr. Nefario created the minions. Here’s some variations… Minions? More days of Minions! 26 Days 27 […]


Drawing for the Boy

Here’s a bunch of stuff my son wanted me to draw for him. He’s a big fan of dinosaurs. What I found most disturbing was he really wanted a Tyranosaurus Rex eating a Pterodactyl. This is kind of weird because one of his favorite shows is Dinosaur Train, where at Tyranosaurus Rex baby is adopted […]


Gravity Falls Fan Art

Gravity Falls is a Disney show that just cracks me up. Here are a few of my favorite moments. No effort was made to make the characters look like they do on the show…     



My first Illustration for Animation class met yesterday, May 28, 2015. We brainstormed the film we are all going to animate together. I suggested using Little Red Riding Hood…rejected. Instead, each student wrote an idea for a Hero, a Villain, a Sidekick for each, What they are doing, and Where are they. I picked one […]


Illustration for Animation – Summer Semester!

I’m teaching Illustration for Animation this Summer! The poster above features artwork by Adam Gragg, Nic Parker and Tobi Hightshoe from my Spring class. The DMACC Summer Semester runs from May 27 to August 6th. My class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30am to 2:25pm. My goal is for each student to create 2 […]