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Practicing for Tomorrow…

I’ll be talking about storyboards at the State Historical Museum of Iowa this Saturday, August 1st at 11:30am. I’ll tell you what a storyboard is, how to draw storyboards and show some clips from films I’ve worked on. At 1pm, there will be a screening of Despicable Me. (Which I worked on…) All for free! […]


Minions Movie Review!

I took my little minions to see Minions last night at Flix Brewhouse. They gave out little minion masks to everyone. The movie starts! (And I’m the jerk with his cell phone out…) Hey, that’s me! The rarely seen minion with eyes in the back of her head. The good news! Minions is a lot […]


Hollywood, Storyboards and Despicable Me

On August 1st, I will be appearing at the State Historical Society as part of their Hollywood in the Heartland exhibition. At 11:30am I will talk about how the storyboard process works. One of the films I worked on, Despicable Me, will be shown at 1pm. Here’s the video of Jessica Rundlett and me on […]


Scarlet Velocity Podcast – Talking about Flashpoint

My friend Jay Shepard invited me to be a guest on his podcast, Scarlet Velocity. He co-hosts with Josh Stolte. They discuss The Flash tv series every week. Since the season is over, they decided to do a Summer Special featuring Flashpoint, a comic and animated movie featuring the Flash. I drew some of the […]


26 days until Minions!

The Minion Movie comes out on July 10th! I drew a lot of storyboards for the Minion Movie. As usual, I have no idea if any of the ideas I came up with will make it into the final film. I’m excited to see the movie and find out. 26 days until Minions! These boards […]



My first Illustration for Animation class met yesterday, May 28, 2015. We brainstormed the film we are all going to animate together. I suggested using Little Red Riding Hood…rejected. Instead, each student wrote an idea for a Hero, a Villain, a Sidekick for each, What they are doing, and Where are they. I picked one […]


Studio Visit March 14, 2015

Last Saturday a young artist visited my studio. I showed her a bit about how I draw storyboards and let her draw on the computer. Here’s my set up…an Apple computer with a Cintiq tablet you can draw on. (Actually, this is my Mac Pro, which I just got working today. I’ve been using an […]