26 days until Minions!

The Minion Movie comes out on July 10th!

I drew a lot of storyboards for the Minion Movie. As usual, I have no idea if any of the ideas I came up with will make it into the final film. I’m excited to see the movie and find out.

26 days until Minions! These boards are from Despicable Me 2. When I started working on this scene, the evil minions had not been designed yet. I didn’t know they would eventually be purple and hairy…so I drew regular minions with a more deranged, vacant look on their faces. I added purple to this storyboard after the fact to make things a little clearer…

The careful observer will spot some differences between my boards and the final film. In fact, there is only one shot I boarded that did make it into the movie. Guess which one…



As the evil purple minions close in on Gru and his family, I wanted to show Lucy and Gru trying every weapon they have.  Gru with his freeze ray and a Ghostbuster type weapon, Lucy with a flame thrower in one hand and sonic disrupter in the other.  Agnes is still using the piñata stick.  The others are throwing anything they can find.  I wanted to pull out as many crazy gadgets as I could think of, like Batman emptying his utility belt…



Of course, nothing stops the evil minions!  Shot up, iced over, on fire, shards of glass sticking out of them…they truly are invincible.  (Which I guess implies the good minions are also invincible…they are just too timid to realize it…)




Gru has tried everything and the evil minions are still coming!  They’ve eaten every weapon.  Gru is down to hand-to-hand combat when he falls.  An evil minion leaps at him!  All seems lost when…

Tune in tomorrow!

This was a ton of fun for me.  I love zombies and robots because they are mindless things that you can blow up in any creative way you can think of.  The evil minions are kind of like that.  Even though they are good little yellow minions underneath it all, they are so tough it allowed me to use (and create) any kind of weapon I wanted for Gru and Lucy.

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