Minions Movie Review!

I took my little minions to see Minions last night at Flix Brewhouse. They gave out little minion masks to everyone.

The movie starts! (And I’m the jerk with his cell phone out…)

Hey, that’s me!

The rarely seen minion with eyes in the back of her head.

The good news!
Minions is a lot of fun. My little boy just giggled and giggled and afterwards baby-talked like a minion all the way home. The movie is gorgeous! Each location is lovingly rendered. ’60 New York is groovy, London is alternately sparkling and pristine, and then foggy and intimidating. Orlando is a hoot. I’m always amazed how these things turn out, because at the stage I work on them, everything is very blocky, without any texture, color or lighting. Oh, the lighting. The little flecks of dust in the beams of sunlight…I mean the crew did an amazing job with all the details.

The bad news…
Well, only bad news for me. There are not really any of my storyboards in the movie. The last time I worked on Minions was in February of 2014. The story changed a lot since then. I can guess at some reasons why…
A lot of my scenes hinged on a celebrity and a song. I had always wondered if they would be able to get permission to use the likeness and song. Another reason could have been budget. I was working on a huge battle with a very complicated set and many, many characters. Another reason could have been time. My sequence was quite long…and I can imagine watching the whole thing would give the audience battle fatigue. On a long shot, I boarded a sequence where Stuart plays his ukulele to a song I picked…which I’m sure they couldn’t get the rights to. The process of making an animated film like this is a long and twisting road. The story is never fully locked down…it can change when a new idea is introduced in storyboards, backgrounds, character designs, or even which actor gets hired and how they read the part. Many, many people work on each scene. There could be hundreds of ideas which has to get whittled down to one. With Minions, I was not the one.

However, old ideas can come back…maybe in another movie, or a short. Maybe some day all those boards will see the light of day.

Minions is a fun, silly movie that your kids (and hopefully you) will enjoy. Go see it and let me know what you think!

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