Practicing for Tomorrow…

I’ll be talking about storyboards at the State Historical Museum of Iowa this Saturday, August 1st at 11:30am. I’ll tell you what a storyboard is, how to draw storyboards and show some clips from films I’ve worked on. At 1pm, there will be a screening of Despicable Me. (Which I worked on…)

All for free!

IMG_7503Kay Coats helping me get the video ready.

IMG_7505Playing a BluRay DVD on the big screen.

IMG_7507Coming up with a game plan on the document projector.

IMG_7513Drawing Stuart the minion.

Minion fan art!

IMG_7517Stuart hanging out at the information desk.

IMG_7519I’ll be in the theater at the State Historical Society building tomorrow at 11am.

IMG_7521Free parking across the street.

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  1. Stuart (not the minion)

    Youre artistry and humility never cease to amaze me! I’m glad our families have been able to see your stuff and learn from you over the years about how tv shows and movies are conceptualized and executed. Have fun tomorrow!