Scarlet Velocity Podcast – Talking about Flashpoint

My friend Jay Shepard invited me to be a guest on his podcast, Scarlet Velocity. He co-hosts with Josh Stolte. They discuss The Flash tv series every week. Since the season is over, they decided to do a Summer Special featuring Flashpoint, a comic and animated movie featuring the Flash. I drew some of the storyboards for the animated version. You can hear me talk with Jay and Josh about the show and the process of storyboarding.


Here are some storyboards from one of the sequences we talked about…

FlashpointSupesEscape-1_A_1_A_0-1Cyborg, Batman and Flash sneak into the the underground Project S facility.

FlashpointSupesEscape-0000066_1-1Flash zips ahead and takes out the guards.

FlashpointSupesEscape-0000086_1-1They find a dog skeleton in a tank.  Krypto?

FlashpointSupesEscape-00001_F_4-1The whole facility is a prison for one person, the alien Kal El.

FlashpointSupesEscape-0000101_1-1FlashpointSupesEscape-0000104_1-2In this reality, Superman has grown up a prisoner with no human contact.  Cyborg is the first person to ever show him kindness.

FlashpointSupesEscape-0000107_1-1FlashpointSupesEscape-0000107_1-2Cyborg offers to get Superman out.

FlashpointSupesEscape-0000001_K-1 FlashpointSupesEscape-0000001_K-2 FlashpointSupesEscape-0000001_K-3 FlashpointSupesEscape-0000001_K-4 FlashpointSupesEscape-0000001_K-5 FlashpointSupesEscape-0000001_K-6Superman is weak…Cyborg helps him.

FlashpointSupesEscape-00001_O_3-2FlashpointSupesEscape-0000001_R-1Flash, Batman, Cyborg and Superman make it out of the secret facility only to be cut off by boats with guards.

FlashpointSupesEscape-000001_1D-1FlashpointSupesEscape-000001_1D-2FlashpointSupesEscape-000001_1D-3The guards open fire.  Batman tackles Superman dodging a rocket.

FlashpointSupesEscape-0001_1E_1-1FlashpointSupesEscape-0001_1E_1-2FlashpointSupesEscape-0001_1E_1-3Flash pours on the speed running across the water to the boats.

FlashpointSupesEscape-0001_1E_3-1FlashpointSupesEscape-0001_1E_3-2FlashpointSupesEscape-0001_1E_3-3In the blink of an eye, Flash has dismantled the guards’ guns.

FlashpointSupesEscape-000001_1F-1Batman ready to fight doesn’t notice more guards approaching from behind.


FlashpointSupesEscape-000001_1N-1FlashpointSupesEscape-000001_1N-2The sun begins to rise.  Superman soaks in the power and begins to fly.

FlashpointSupesEscape-000001_1C-1 FlashpointSupesEscape-000001_1C-2Cyborg is hit and goes down.

FlashpointSupesEscape-000001_1P-1FlashpointSupesEscape-000001_1P-2FlashpointSupesEscape-000001_1P-3FlashpointSupesEscape-000001_1P-4Superman unleashes his heat vision.

FlashpointSupesEscape-0001_1Q_1-1FlashpointSupesEscape-0001_1Q_1-2Superman’s heat vision slices up another guard boat.

FlashpointSupesEscape-0001_1R_2-1FlashpointSupesEscape-0001_1R_2-2He nearly hits Flash with his heat vision.

FlashpointSupesEscape-000001_1T-1FlashpointSupesEscape-000001_1T-2Superman can’t control his powers.

FlashpointSupesEscape-000001_1X-1Superman flies away in a panic.

FlashpointSupesEscape-000001_2A-1Cyborg tracks him…they’ll never catch him.

FlashpointSupesEscape-00001_Q_2-1Flash is hit by his memories from his original timeline.  Batman helps him escape.

As I mentioned in the podcast, this was a fun video to work on. I enjoyed this scene a lot…trying to play up the bond between Cyborg and Superman.

Here are some other places you can follow Jay and his podcasts…


And here’s Jay’s review of the Flashpoint animated video…

Thank you to Jay and Josh for inviting me to be a guest on their show!

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