Studio Visit March 14, 2015

Last Saturday a young artist visited my studio. I showed her a bit about how I draw storyboards and let her draw on the computer. Here’s my set up…an Apple computer with a Cintiq tablet you can draw on. (Actually, this is my Mac Pro, which I just got working today. I’ve been using an iMac for 5 years.)


She drew a couple panels of her characters. I think they are really charming.  It is a funny idea too.  (She drew quickly, because her parents were hungry and ready to go to Zombie Burger…)



You can see here how she split the image into layers. A layer for each character, the shadow and the background. This makes it really easy to animate.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.17.48 PM

I put together this little clip featuring her art. (Plus some art advice from Little Batman…)


Most people want to know what is the one thing that will make them a good artist. This is my best answer…


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