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25 days until Minions!

I spent a lot of time on the computer today, so here are some good old fashioned pen and paper sketches. Stuart, Bob and Kevin from Minions. Before the plot for the Minion Movie, I just assumed Gru or Dr. Nefario created the minions. Here’s some variations… Minions? More days of Minions! 26 Days 27 […]


Drawing for the Boy

Here’s a bunch of stuff my son wanted me to draw for him. He’s a big fan of dinosaurs. What I found most disturbing was he really wanted a Tyranosaurus Rex eating a Pterodactyl. This is kind of weird because one of his favorite shows is Dinosaur Train, where at Tyranosaurus Rex baby is adopted […]


Gravity Falls Fan Art

Gravity Falls is a Disney show that just cracks me up. Here are a few of my favorite moments. No effort was made to make the characters look like they do on the show…     



Blue Ranger Pencil, Ink and Watercolor on Bristol Board Ella Moondust Pencil and Ink on Bristol Board, Photoshop color Kim Possible Drawn and colored in Storyboard Pro Miles Morales Drawn and colored in Storyboard Pro Toasty Pencil and Ink on Bristol Board, Photoshop color Red Sketchbook – Ink Pen and Watercolor Wolf Sketchbook – Ink […]


Life Itself

   I sketched this while watching the movie Life Itself. It is about movie critic, Roger Ebert. I love movies and always liked to see Siskel and Ebert at the Movies. I liked Roger’s reviews because I felt like he enjoyed the same kind of movies I do. (I think Roger had a soft spot […]


FaceOff: Miss Intergalactic 

This week on FaceOff the Foundation Challenge was based on the Festival of Colors. The cast started by throwing colored powder at the models on a windy beach. It looked like the most fun any of them have had all season. The Spotlight Challenge was Miss Intergalactic. Each member of the cast was given a […]